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Aboutthe Hotel

WhoWe Are

When we were young and we talked about our future, we always visualized our old age retired in the north of Peru having a small restaurant facing the sea. So the years passed until that moment arrived, we made that decision and here we are in our hotel, surrounded by a wonderful sea, palm trees, an enviable climate and above all, peace and tranquility.


It is a boutique lodging located 13 kms south of Zorritos, in the Caleta de Acapulco, 40 minutes from the airport of Tumbes; An hour from Mancora; 25 minutes from Punta Sal. Trip Advisor is ranked # 1 of 18 hotels in Tumbes by Travelers Choice. The lodging has 7 rooms, two of them are suites. One of the suites has a jacuzzi. All rooms have air conditioning and flat screen TV. Rates include breakfast. We are 40 meters from the sea. The service is very personalized, so much so that there is a menu, a menu. The guest is asked what he wants to eat and is specially prepared.

The Tumpis

Some sources indicate that the word Tumpis would derive from the name with which they were designated to the settlers who were found in this zone by the first Spanish conquerors that arrived in Century XVI. These settlers were called Tumpis. Other possible origins of the name would be the words tumbo, referring to a species of passionflower that abounded in the area in the sixteenth century, or in memory of a legendary cacique named Tumba, whose father Quitumbe established the first populations. Finally, another word would be Tumpi or Tumbi that would be the name with which it was known to the staff that used the old rulers of the region.

However, the most grounded version is the first, which states that the name of the city would derive from the name of the former settlers of the area.


  • Relaxation Massages with hot and cold stones.
  • Large terrace with bar for those who enjoy the sun.
  • Terrace-dining room for breakfast and lunch.
  • Closed dining room for dinners.

  • Cozy lounge for lovers of reading or chatting.
  • Free internet and WiFi.
  • Terrace-dining room for breakfast and lunch.
  • And most importantly… a kitchen with gourmet menu.


We have two cozy restaurants, one on the terrace by the pool surrounded by palm trees and plants in the area as well as an indoor dining room for those days (almost never) when the weather so requests.


Small interior bar as well as a terrace to enjoy the wonderful weather.

Wellness& Spa

We have a rustic and cozy massage room by the sea.


Our terraces are easily accommodated for events and weddings up to 60 people.



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